Our equipment details!

SOUTH NTS 325L 2” Total Station


SOUTH total station NTS-352L is embedded with various outstanding surveying programs, coupled with functions of data storing and parameter setting, which can be widely applied in various kinds of professional and construction survey.



Fully Integrated High-Performance GNSS System

The GSR2700 ISX is an advanced GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) reciver from SOKKIA that delivers it all. Mutli-frequency GPS + Russian Based GLONASS satellite tracking capability. Long-range RTK positioning. Seamless Virtual Reference Station support. Multiple Bluetooth® connections for cable-free surveying convenience. And it is the first and only receiver of its kind to offer voice messages for audible status notification in field.

Topcon RL-H4C Grade Laser Level



Great distance, high-accuracy and steep slopes — The RL-H4C combines the functionalities of three lasers in one.

  • High horizontal accuracy
  • Simple, intuitive manual slope capability
  • Automatic cross axis self-leveling
  • Long range (800m)
  • Extra-long battery life (100 hours)
  • Tough IP66 weatherproof rating

Spectra Precision EPOCH 10 GPS L1 System


The Spectra Precision EPOCH 10 GPS System is a completely integrated L1 GPS post-processed solution. It combines an L1 GPS receiver, an antenna and a rugged handheld Spectra Precision Recon data collector. The EPOCH 10 operates without line-of-sight between points, and it can operate day or night in just about any weather.

Additionally, the EPOCH 10 System includes fully integrated software for field and office. Spectra Precision Field Surveyor* software runs on the Recon, working in the field to collect and manage the data. When you return to the office, download the data to Survey Office for post processing. Spectra Precision Field Surveyor* GPS technology for L1 GPS delivers superior satellite tracking, faster measuring, optimal precision and lower power usage. Plus, the GPS antenna resists unwanted signal interference that may give inaccurate measurements.

Topcon GTS-236N Total Station


The GTS-230N Series stand up to any weather condition that occurs in the field, giving the great benefit of no experiencing down time. IP66, dust- and waterproof, the GTS-230N Series assures durable performance in the field under all conditions as an “ALL Weather” Total Station. Bad weather is no longer an excuse for lost productivity!

ComNav T300 RTK GNSS+

With decades of experience in the surveying GNSS receiver, the T300 is a product which combines lots of market proved advantages together. It can track all the working GNSS constellations. By using ComNav’s unique QUANTM algorithm technology, it can function in RTK mode with all the GNSS constellations or by using any single GNSS constellation such as GLONASS or BeiDou. The strong anti-interference ability of the receiver makes it possible to work in any environment.

Sokkia B40 Precise Automatic Level


World-Proven Precision and Durability

Sokkia B Series automatic levels feature enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions. Tough and compact bodies are more tightly sealed against water, humidity and dust (IPx6). The B series levels provide quick setup, easy sighting, and superior durability against vibration and shock, ensuring the increased productivity over an extra-long period of time.

    • Precise, Reliable Automatic Compensator
    • Superior Telescope
    • Quick Collimation
    • Horizontal Angle Measurement
    • Stadia lines on the reticle allow distance measurements
    • Rapid, East Setup
    • Easy to Adjust

Deep Vision Depth Logger P66


Aeromapper TALON UAV


The Aeromapper Talon offers the easiest way to achieve professional georeferenced DEMs and orthomosaics. Features a very strong EPO foam body with internal dual carbon fiber reinforcements, parachute landing system, 24 Mp camera with survey grade lens (the best optics for UAV mapping), fully autonomous flight, handlaunch (no launcher required!). Also includes long range control and long range data link (20kms both). All units are delivered flight tested and ready to fly. Camera is installed in panoramic orientation for most optimal area coverage with maximum side overlap.

Othomosaics of up to 1.5cm/pixel resolution are easy to achieve thanks to its low speed and incredible stability. UAV delivers georefenced imagery.